Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Goals

My friend, Canadian Saver, does such an awesome job with her monthly goals of no spending and no driving, that I thought I would try to do it too. Of course, on a smaller scale, because there is no way I could meet her incredible feats.

So, here are my September goals:

1. 5 No Spend Days
2. 5 No Drive Days
3. Get daughter's old bedroom painted and straightened up (without spending a lot of money)
4. Get up and running with Quikbooks at work, AND be able to start looking for another part time bookkeeping job to make up for the 20 hours a month shortfall.
5. Read 1 book. (No small feat on this one!)
6. Go to see the movie I.O.U.S.A.
7. Stay on budget, and do not borrow from savings.

There. Some goals that I just may be able to keep. Wish me luck! ;)


Anonymous said...

Your goals seems reacheable. Best of luck.

Canadian Saver said...

Thanks, Sharon!

Good luck with your goals and finding a part time job... hope it all fits well into your schedule!

Francois Viljoen said...

I like your goals Sharon (especially the no spend and no drive days). :)

Good luck, I'm hoping for a report later end of September where you've reached all of them.

p.s. Did you increase the font-size of your blog? It's very big on my computer.

Giraffe Spender said...


GREAT list! Good luck with your job search. I'll pray for you to find what you're looking for that will help cushion the 20 hour loss - and that it's somewhere you'll LOVE! =)


PS - yeah! You're back to your daily spending! You Rock!

Sharon said...

@ francois...I hope I fixed the font for you...I guess it's different on everyone's computer...but I did it because my eye sight is going! :)

natedavidscott said...

these sound achievable and beneficial! we're right there with ya

Sharon said...

@riaan, thank you for your encouragement!

@cs, you are my inspiration!

@Nate - it's really tough with kids and back to school stuff!

@Tif, Thank YOU for getting me back in line. It's really very helpful to follow the dollars...

letters to elijah said...

Wow, that list would be challenging for me!

I never heard of that movie... I checked out the trailer at apple.com - I think they should play that at all schools! I wonder if it's going to play nationwide?