Monday, September 1, 2008

Greensburg, Kansas

As we know, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on our world..hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc. etc. As I contemplate what the people of the gulf coast are going through, fleeing once again from their homes, not sure what they are going to come home to, I offer a prayer of gratitude for my relatively uneventful life.

As I was surfing channels in between Gastov reports, I stumbled on the cable channel "Planet Green" and they were highlighting the town of Greensburg, Kansas. This town was completely demolished by a tornado over a year ago. They are now rebuilding their city but with a twist. They are trying to make the whole town "green" and sustainable. The series "Greensburg" follows the trials and tribulations of rebuilding an entire town. It's a large undertaking, but very interesting to follow. I am amazed to see their resilience and energy to rebuild this town.

If you get Planet Green on your cable lineup, check it out. There is a Greensburg marathon on all day today.


RTC said...

How neat--talk about a silver lining! They will have so much information to share with other towns. Sounds like an interesting journey. I'm going to look for it online.

Anonymous said...

i've seen a bit of it. it looks really quite interesting, and i'm excited to see how it turns out!

natedavidscott said...

Green for Greensburg-very appropriate.
this town is right next to where my gradparents live. i'm so thankful my grandparents were safe. now my 80 year old grandma is helping rebuild the town with her church.

Sharon said...

I'm glad your grandparents were safe too. It looked horrific, to say the least. Is your grandmother on any of the episodes? :)