Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Lovin :-)

Canadian Saver graciously picked me as one of her "I heart your blog" favorites ! (Right back at ya CS!) I'm honored! As a recipient of this award I am asked to pass it on to 7 other bloggers that I heart.
Here are my favs: (7 just doesn't seem enough, but I chose those that have been with me for a long time!)
Political Joe - I LOVE my husband, so of course I would include him! I'm not much into politics, but he is and started a political blog (because I didn't want to hear about it anymore :))...warning to liberals...he is a mostly conservative republican!
Connecticut Mom - CT Mom was one of my first blogging friends (along with CS). We had a lot in common, and I'm jealous that she gets to meet "in person" all of her CT blogging friends!
Speaking of Simplicity - Sara and I met in a simplicity group. She is actually the reason I started blogging...she started her blog and I wanted to try it too! She helped me get started when I was trying to figure every thing out!
Jennifer at Finding Financial Peace - Jennifer was one of the first bloggers I discovered in the PF realm. I love reading about her financial journey to pay off all of her debt!
If I were Debt Free - I was surfing around blogs and came upon Nate's. I love his writing style and I love hearing about his family...he is working incredibly hard to pay off the last of his debt..and I admire his endurance to keep up with two jobs and his beautiful family!
Francois at Liberta - I found Francois through Nate's blog...he has been very supportive of me and I love reading about his life in South Africa!
Grace at Graceful Retirement - I love reading about Grace's life...she's warm and witty..definitely a good read!
That's 7, but I could do more....please check out my sidebar for all of the blogs I read and enjoy!


Grace. said...

Thank you for reading my blog and the award. I actually don't play these games that make other bloggers do things (like pick out 7 others to award), but that's not to say I don't appreciate it anyway. Love your blog.

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you so much - and right back at you, too! Can I give you the same award and you'll have two?

natedavidscott said...

hey, thanks Sharon!
oh, and your husband's blog sounds like a good read. i'll have to check that out :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sharon! Your support has been so helpful during my journey! You would definitely make my top 7 too! :)