Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The downside of ordering from Apple....

Ah, I'm stuck at home today (well, actually working from home) because Apple requires a signature when they deliver your order. If you are not home, they bring it back to their holding store where I would have to pick it up, which for me is about 20 miles away. The tracking number said that it's guaranteed to be here by 10:30 here's hoping!

I actually like working from home, although I'm very limited on what I can accomplish. One downside is that I'm presently looking at a very messy, dirty home! I would rather start picking up and straightening out than coming up with December numbers for the accountant! :)

Yesterday I was able to pick up a couple of gifts from Five and Below...on the same lines as a dollar store, only everything in the store is $5.00 and below. I was able to pick up two Bionicles, a 007 Scene It game, and a Sims Pets computer game..all for $21.00 exactly. Not bad at all.

I also was able to pick up a couple of items from Bath and Body Works...they were having quite a sale too! I'm not sure if I will meet my own December 15th deadline, but I'm going to try....

How are you all doing with shopping?


Canadian Saver said...

My sister brought back some treats from Bath & Body Works while in Denver... we don't have that store here so it's a must shop when we go to the US!!