Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Goals...

Even though it is already October 7, I feel compelled to set some goals for October.

1. Use Cash Only
2. 5 No Spend Days

3. 4 No Drive Days
4. SAVE $500.00 for Christmas expenses


Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people don't readily embrace the whole cash/envelope system for those variable expenses - but I gotta tell you ... I LOVE IT!!!
Craig and I have really made a drastic gain in our savings, by using this method. (Especially Craig's spending). And it helps me too - because I used to be the enabler. But anyhow - with the whole cash/envelope system, when it's gone it's gone. And it has totally helped him to stop, think, plan & budget, for those things he wants to buy with his allowance. I really love it!
Good goals Sharon!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks Dawn!
I'm convinced that's the way to go too! Especially when I don't use them, and I mess up terribly! :[

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me Sharon!!

I'm still impressed about the AMEX card... it's such a powerful gesture... hope you had fun. :)

CookinsForMe said...

I agree that goals are vital. Without them some of us (myself included) just kind of amble aimlessly about, not making much progress. Keep up with those goals - you can do it!

Sharon said...

Cookin - Thanks for visiting and your encouragement!

Jerry said...

I know Dawn likes the envelope system but it never worked for my wife and I. It just felt too cumbersome. Our insurance for staying out of debt was just sloggin' away at it every month and just paying attention to it. We knew what we had and what was coming in and we made it work. Staying focused leads to results. At least it did for us.