Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Americans are not the only ones feeling the credit crunch...


Elizabeth said...

Hi there :) Leaving a bigger city to live the small town life can be challenging as far as finances go. But one thing to remember is that small towns mean a lower cost of living. We earn one third of what we did in Las Vegas but our monthly house payment went from $2500 to $500. Restaurants are cheaper, groceries are cheaper, and there are so many things to do that cost nothing instead of spending a fortune on movies and shows. As far as where to find jobs, it depends on what you're into. My husband was in sales before but now runs a call center at home for a cable company's customer service. I was a stay at home mom before but now I earn a little working as a personal care aid for special needs children a few hours throughout the week. We don't have the extra spending cash we once had but the perks and values of living in a small town really make up for it :) We've lived in Wisconsin, California, Las Vegas, and Hawaii in the past... and northern Minnesota is definitely my FAVORITE place.

letters to elijah said...

Scary video. It's happening too many places to too many hard working people.

We are one of those people where we owe more then our house. We were stupid and took out home loans.

Last month we sold our $400 per month van - that is helping us get the rest of our debt down a little faster.

I think we all need to be very pro-active here and not expect the gov't to bail us out the way the banks are right now.

Have a great day.