Monday, July 7, 2008

Stimulus Check....

wow...I received one ...all $255.00 of it. I'm not going to complain, for sure, as I will put this into the checkbook and help out the way or another.

Actually, we have a grocery store in our area who is offering to add 10% to your stimulus check if you purchase a store gift card with it. If you receive $1200, you would get an extra 120.00. I think this is a GREAT idea. You could receive a grocery gift card for 1320.00. You are guaranteed to have food for the next couple of months. For families who are struggling, this is a great way to alleviate some of the pressure.

As for me, well, our couple of hundred dollars will go toward my daughter's eyeglasses, and whatever else comes up this month.


Anonymous said...

Mine's all spent already, came in handy on the cruise!

RacerX said...

"Luckily" I have a SS number that the last 4 digits mean I am dead last...But the have whacked it so it isn't going to be very much!

"That's right kids..." "Tonght, you can Super-Size!"

Sharon said...

Sara - well that was a nice way to help the economy! :)

Racerx - I thought we had the last numbers! Yeah, not much but something is something.... :)