Monday, July 7, 2008


Love the word...just read a post at Boston Gal's Financials, and she just spent a week at home.... a "staycation". If you get a chance, stop by and read what she did for that week...

I've actually taken this week off, although I will go into work one night this week to get some bills out...but I love the idea of taking advantage of what is in your own backyard.

We live in the DC area and there are TONS of things to do, both free and well, if you have some cash, you can do just about anything!

Today, I finally organized my pantry and refridgerator, played cards with the kids, did laundry (about 7 loads!), took my daughter to the orthodontist, and made a "hot" lunch for the kids.... Doesn't sound like much, but I felt like I got a lot accomplished.

Tomorrow, the house will get cleaned (I love Rosa!), and I will finish another drawn out project of clearing out the utility room in our basement. Doesn't sound like a vacation, right? Well, for me, getting long awaited projects done makes me feel as good as having a margarita on a white sandy beach...well, almost.

I also will take some time to take the kids for a hike, go to a water park (weather permitting), go to a free movie, and hopefully have some time to read. (That is a pure luxury for me).

We do have a vacation planned in August (THE LAKE!!), but it's not so bad to take time out at home too!


Strader said...

Hi, I'm a journalist with the DC bureau of a Japanese TV network and we're looking to profile a "staycationer" for a segment we're putting together. I was wondering if I could speak with you about your plan to staycation this summer.

Please give me a call at 202.638.0441 or e-mail me at strader(at)

Thank you,


Sharon said...

We take many "staycations". I would be glad to talk to you about what we do, however, we are also taking a "lake" vacation. Does that matter?

change is a good thing said...

I am taking a staycation in August for 10 days and I can hardly wait! I loved Boston Gal's idea of not cooking! I may have to steal that one. There is so much to do right here around my own home and I am excited to get out and do some of these things. :)