Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Goals

  1. Prepare a July dinner menu (AND STICK TO IT)
  2. Stay within grocery budget of $800.00 but strive for $600 (This is high and includes any take-out, etc.)
  3. Plan trips and don't use SUV on the weekends
  4. Use cash and keep track
  5. Mulch the front yard
  6. Paint daughter's new room
  7. Paint daughter's old room
  8. Create a 100 things to do in 1001 days list (see Canadian Saver's post)
  9. Relax with kids


Canadian Saver said...

Sharon, I'm going to put this on my list of things to do in July also... When are you going to start counting down ?? I'm thinking either August 1st or September 1st...

Good luck with your goals!

Sharon said...

Not sure, it will probably take me a bit to think of 100 things...I think I'll go with September 1st!

Grace. said...

Hmm--well, your #1 was on my list, too. Except that it is very hot here, and I got off work late, and I didn't feel like cooking and I'd forgotten to defrost the hamburger for tacos and I had a BOGO chalupa coupon from Taco Bell and. . .

Dang! Maybe NEXT month!

RacerX said...

...Funny our grocery $ is exactly the same, and everytime I see it I say..."Too high." Tough with three growing kids and trying not to dine out though!

Sharon said...

Gosh, I'm hoping and praying I will stick to this one....we are already behind and it's only July 2!

Doesn't $800 sound obnoxious for food? I'm hoping to come in around $600.00, even if it means several meatless dinners!!

paranoidasteroid said...

Awesome list! I love the menu planning... I always try to do this and fail!