Saturday, June 14, 2008

School's Out!!!

I'm thrilled!!! School's out! No more homework, checking backpacks or scrambling out the door! Soccer will be over tomorrow evening...and then there will be no more sports until September! Freedom......

I'm in between soccer games right now with some time to catch up on laundry and blogs! I got paid on Thursday, and unfortunately my balance is now below $300.00. This will have to pay for groceries and misc. for the next two weeks. Ever since I've handed over the "main" bills to my husband, it has been a challenge for me to keep the misc. bills in check.

For instance, I need my hair cut and colored before I go on my trip...that will eat up over $100.00 of it. (I've tried doing it myself with disastrous results...and my husband told me that we definitely have enough money for that so you can imagine what I looked like...:))

The kids will be home all day now, and I'm sure their snacking will increase..although I will be careful what I keep in the house. Camps have been accounted for, I just need to budget for:

birthdays (my daughters and my husbands)
occasional babysitters for the younger ones
Boston trip spending money
day trips to parks and water parks

Grocery shopping and menu planning have been a challenge so I joined a menu planning service to help It costs $15.00 every three months (or $1.25 a week) and gives me a week's worth of menus with shopping guides every week. Check it out! I love it!

We'll see how it goes....


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I'm facing the snack thing right now. I think I need to really consider what snacks I want to have on hand for them-and how much things cost. These kiddos can dust off an entire box of crackers in a day. . .

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - school's out for us this Friday. I'm going to BJ's to stock up, as I will not only be feeding the kids but also the babysitter!

Canadian Saver said...

Your schools are out a bit earlier there... sounds like things will become less frantic there!!

It'll be a great summer with everything you have planned :-) The trip to Boston sounds like fun!

I haven't checked out but I tried out a couple of the Saving Dinner packages for about 6 months (I did the low-fat and the heart healthy ones I think). Definitely great for ideas!

My Crazy Debt said...

I'm happy school is out too! I love having the kids at home. I hadn't even thought about getting snacks.

I really don't have any snack food in my house, my rule for myself is if the kids or I want junk/snack foods I have to make them myself, that really cuts down and spending and calorie intake, because I'm sort of lazy when it comes to baking.

I'll probably buy fruit and some veggies to slice up but we all know that gets old really fast!