Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Discovery....brand new rabbits....

Today we discovered a rabbit's nest. But we didn't stumble upon it, unfortunately, we chased Ben around the yard because he had one of these babies in his mouth.......ugh. When I saw that he had it in his mouth, I started to yell and scream for him to drop it which triggered the rest of the family to come out to see what I was screaming about (I was extremely grossed out). That one didn't make it, but three did. The nest was torn apart under our black-eyed susans. Of course Ben destroyed the whole thing.
Luckily my neighbor took them and is calling the Wildlife Reserve Group to find out how to care for these babies properly...Mamma Bunny was no where to be found. This nest was INSIDE our fence, and Ben just discovered them while he was in our backyard. We certainly couldn't keep them with Ben around...I hope they make it, they seem pretty resilient.
Does anyone know anything about these babies?


asgreen said...

They are so cute! I hope they make it.