Friday, May 30, 2008

June's Budget.....Busted and it hasn't started yet!

June. A budget breaker for me. It's the end of the school year and there are graduations, end of year parties, teachers' gifts, coaches' gifts etc. etc. June is a big budget buster for us as our "gift" category is amazingly high. I've had a college graduate, my nephew graduated from high school, and two of my closest friends' children graduated from college and high school. I still have teachers' gifts, coaches' gifts and end of school parties to attend. I'm also hosting the soccer team party with hamburgers and hotdogs..(We supply the main dish and drink and everyone else brings the desserts and sides).
Besides all the gift expenditures, other items have come due (dog meds, daughters refill allergy meds)

What I've spent so far:

Cash gifts for graduates: $550.00 (There were 6, and because they are "family" the gift was a bit more than usual)
Father's Birthday $105.95
Airline tickets for a wedding to Boston $446.00
Food/Groceries for 3 weeks (hopefully) $480.00 (This was a big Bj's shop, a Walmart shop and a grocery school shop...we are now stocked!)
Pet Meds (3-6 mos) $93.00
Allergy Meds $150.00

What I still need to pay for:
Spending money for Amish trip ($100.00)
Soccer Party Food and Drink ($100.00)
Father's Day gifts ($Not sure)
Daughter's Birthday Gift ($200.00 - she wants a digital camera...)
Mother-in-Law Gift ($100.00)
Car rental for Boston ($150.00)
Hotel room for Boston ($150.00)
Wedding Gift for cousin ($150.00)
Mulch for front and side yards ($150.00)
Summer camps for kids ($430.00)

This list does not include the usual expenses that we have every month. I'm not sure we will make it without "borrowing" from our savings.
I know some of you may think our budget for gifts are outrageously high, and perhaps it is. I'm just trying to figure out how to lower others expectations of what I can do. Alot of it is merely reciprocating...that is one area I really have to work on.

In any regard, I know I won't have enough $$ to pay for all of this, so I will have to dig into savings.

The good news: no credit card debt....


Jennifer said...

Wow. Those are some high expenses! But as long as you have the money in savings, it won't add to your debt right? I guess we all have those kinds of months sometimes. Hang in there! :)

Grace. said...

Ah Sharon--I DO hear ya! All your June expenses, I had in May. And they did, indeed, bust the budget. Why is it that so many budgeting books talk only about food, clothing and shelter/utilities? If those were our only expenses, we'd be fine. It's the "seasonal extras" that are killers.

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - I feel your pain. I just went through our June bills, and in order to make it through without incurring more debt, I have to transfer from savings too. I knew June would be this way, but it hurts just the same.

On the plus side, at least we're not paying for heat. If the month doesn't get too warm, we won't have to turn on the A/C for a while. And since our after school care is paid a month in advance, no payment this month.

Still not enough to make up the difference. Oh well.

Foxie said...

Yikes, I'm so glad it's only me and my husband, a cat and a few assorted fish... And come the end of June, it'll be all of the above minus the husband.

On the plus side, you can score an amazing digital camera for $200, but there are plenty of good ones for less than half of that. Try for one that uses regular SD cards, those memory cards are typically cheaper than the other forms. (Sony's Memory Sticks are the most expensive, but their cameras are the best... A catch-22.)

One thing I want to avoid is getting into the "guilt giving" thing myself. :( While I like giving gifts, I don't like the obligatory feelings that come with some of them. So far I've done well, mainly because I don't have many close friends. :) (Perhaps not the best reason, but it works.)

Sharon said...

Foxie, we are getting a less expensive digital camera (Sony for sure) but that cost was for all the incidentals that go with one (case, memory chip, cake :))

CT Mom,
I don't see a month in the future that won't have many expenses! :( Sorry to hear June will be tough for you too!

I wish I could see an end in sight, but it doesn't appear to be so!

Yes, huge expenses, but hopefully I won't have to borrow too much from savings!

Canadian Saver said...

Sounds like it'll be a fun month though with all those occasions to celebrate!

In June I have 3 big ones: my goddaughter's graduation, my parents' anniversary and Fathers Day. I will use the funds from my Freedom Account, but I still hate to dip in there for large amounts.

Like you said, at least there's no new debt!