Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AMUSEMENT PARKS...a budget breaker...

We took my son to Kings Dominion on Sunday for his "birthday party". He was allowed to bring a friend. There were six of us altogether, so I knew this was going to be a pricey day. Just to get into the park, it cost us $191.70. (and that is with coupons worth $120.00)! I knew prices went up, but I was astounded that tickets were $51.95 a piece. Even with the coupons we still had to pay $31.95 a piece. We paid $10.00 for the privilege of parking. You are not allowed to bring food or drink in the park. You are free to picnic outside the park. I did not pack a picnic lunch (definitely should have) so we had to eat in the park. As you can imagine the prices were UNBELIEVABLE!

Here are a few examples:

$3.50 Dasani Water

$4.50 Small Soda

$7.99 Souvenier Cup with $1.49 refills

$7.99 Chicken fingers and fries

$7.99 Personal pan pizza

$6.00 Curly Fries

$6.00 Funnel Cake

$6.00 Dip 'n Dots ice cream

I paid for 6 of us to eat and drink during the day, but didn't purchase dinner. We spent close to $125.00.

Although the kids had a good time, I was annoyed most of the day. (mainly because I just didn't feel we got value for our dollars) We got there early so that we could take advantage of the short lines, however, most of the rides didn't open up until 12:00 noon. Some rides were down for the whole day. The park staff was rude and/or ignorant. Oh well. We will not be going back to this particular amusement park again...


Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

IMHO, Disney parks are the only ones worth the trip. If you buy tickets ahead of time, they're not too pricey, and the whole experience is worth it. Also, water bottles are allowed in.

I hate the feeling of being ripped off--it sure can spoil a day.

Happy b-day to your son!

Canadian Saver said...

Those prices are unreal... but it does seem like a good day anyway... at least for the kids :-)

Sharon said...

It's always nice when the kids have a great time, but it truly was dampened a bit as clean clutterfree states, feeling ripped off is no fun.

Maggie said...

I don't like amusement parks for the very reasons you stated. My DH likes to do it once in awhile but I talked him out of it last year.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.....but funnel cakes are so good.