Monday, April 21, 2008

Wasteful spending...

I hate wasting money. Today I brought back a new pair of glasses that were not working out. I had ordered an expensive pair of "progressive" lenses that have bifocals in them without seeing the line. The lense was strong enough on the very top for my near sightedness, but "progressively" weakened as you went down the lense to the "reading" point. My vision was blurred most of the time. So...I went back to the eye doctor to return them and have them order a pair of the old fashioned bifocal lenses (that show the line). I paid a lot for the "progressives" and I know the bifocal ones are cheaper, but they couldn't (read wouldn't) give me the $120.00 difference in the cost of the the other lense. They said my insurance company wouldn't reimburse me. Now I know they make money on this, and that the $120 is probably the profit in their pocket. This is quite an annoyance, because they "blamed" my insurance company, even though I was under the assumption that I could return them if they didn't work out. It was a waste of $120.00. Should I pursue it further? I guess I'll have to see how the new lenses work out. The bottom line is that I just want to be able to see both far away and close up.


CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - I got my first pair of progressives last month, and they definitely took some getting used to. Did you get your glasses from LensCrafters? They have a 30 day return for any reason policy.

$120 is a lot of money ... I'd pursue it. Isn't being 40-something grand ??? Need the glasses so you won't be blind and they rob you blind anyway :-)

Sharon said...

Ah bother...I can't see far and I can't see close....I just want to be able to read! :)

My husband wants me to get lasik, so all I'll need is reading glasses...I want to see how the "old lady" bifocal glasses work out first! :)

I got my glasses from my optometrist's office. I like to support her because she is a friend. But her "glasses" department kind of operates separately. . .so I just don't know what I want to do. And yes, $120.00 is a lot of money.