Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Having those "want" feelings again...

A short time ago I posted about wanting to do some home improvements. I had just paid a bunch of stuff off, and I was having the "wants" syndrome....Well, those thoughts are sneaking back into my mind again as I look around the house and see the numerous things I want to do...and once again it made me anxious. (I WANT IT NOW!)

Last night I was reading through my previous posts and came across that post again and read the comments....one in particular struck a chord with me and put it into perspective again...

Sara, from Speaking of Simplicity wrote:

Sharon,Hello. It's me your fellow simplicity seeker here. I read your post and immediately identified with the feeling of wanting things, nice things. I don't want this to sound judgmental because I'm exactly the same way. But just think about this. There will ALWAYS be more to want. If you get all that stuff there will be more stuff that appears that tugs on your heart and begs to be acquired. You have been so incredibly blessed with the good fortune to be able to pay everything off in one fell swoop. If you start right up spending every penny you've freed up you might have a hard time reigning things back in and staying on track with your savings goals. Wouldn't it feel great (I wouldn't know because I don't do it) to live beneath your means and have extra cash that just sits there giving you the options and financial freedom we all crave?When I'm having a hard time keeping my desires in check, keeping a gratitude journal really helps me recognize how much I already have, and the "wants" kind of quiet down. Hope this isn't too harsh sounding. I really don't mean to be. I just hear myself in your words and I know that I struggle every day with money and spending vs saving and it's not always a happy place to be.

I met Sara a year ago when I joined a simplicity group. I truly enjoyed the group and every time I was able to meet with them, it centered me back to what was truly important in life. I miss it, but unfortunately it ended shortly after it started as we weren't able to find a good time to meet that worked for all of us, so it slowly dwindled. I would love to have it again...Sara???

In any event, as I read her comment once again, I relaxed. Yes, Sara, you are so right. We all want things. It's comforting to know others struggle with this very thing and understand, and I'm grateful to have her remind me of how blessed we are, and that I can certainly wait until I have the cash to do this. Thanks again, Sara.


change is a good thing said...

Such a good reminder to be thankful for what we have. And Sara is right, no matter what, there will always be more "wants." Good to remember, thanks for sharing!

Canadian Saver said...

Too true yep. I should start a gratitude journal, there are so many things to be thankful for... and often we forget.

Glad you're feeling better about this now!!

Sharon said...

Change and CS,
Having people actually read my blogs and comment help me tremendously too! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my words could help you.
I also enjoyed our group and am sorry that things didn't work out. I wish we could get it going again but the people have to show up and be willing. Right now I don't see that happening, except for you of course.
Thanks for the mention and for your kind words.