Friday, March 21, 2008


It was a success!!!!! And guess what? There is $57.00 left in the "Spring Break Fun Money" envelope. This has NEVER happened to me before. It is going to be saved to be used at another time for something "fun".
A spring break recap:

Sunday: Lazy day with a rousing game of Risk Cost: FREE

Monday: Spring clean up with a barbeque and smores by the fire Cost: FREE

Tuesday: Shopping outing with a movie and snacks. Cost: $35.00

Wednesday: A rainy day...lunch at our favorite Pizza place, a day of reading and hanging out Cost: $30.00

Thursday: A full day in Washington, DC -Breakfast out: $12.00; we parked at my husband's office building (FREE); Four museums: Natural History, Air and Space; National Art; American Art (FREE); IMAX movie $30.00; Simulators for kids: $14.00; Lunch and ice cream: $22.00 Cost: $78.00

Friday: One of my college daughters comes home. We will likely hang out and play some board games. We are all exhausted from 8 hours of walking yesterday. Cost: FREE

Total Cost for the week: $143.00


Canadian Saver said...

You sure had a full and fun week!! Great job having money left over!! Enjoy the Easter break with your family :-) Do both your college girls come back home?

Sharon said...

Yes, but my oldest daughter, Katie, doesn't come home until Sunday morning. She's only 50 minutes away and has her own car, so she pretty much can direct her own schedule. My other daughter, Jen, is two hours away, doesn't have a car, and has to rely on rides home. She'll be home in a couple of hours! :)