Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break continued....

Today's highlights:

Bagels out....$15.00
Barnes and Noble book browsing....my daughter had two gift cards that she wanted to use. But then we all bought a book except my son.

My son had some cash burning a whole in his wallet, so since he didn't get a book, he wanted to stop off at Target. He bought an XBox 360 game (with his own $$).

We decided to spend $16.00 from the "fun" money on the movie Enchanted and it will be our movie for the week. I purchased some dollar candy and I'll make some popcorn and we will enjoy the movie this evening. Total for four at the "movies" $20.00

So, final cost out of the spring break fun money? $35.00 (our books come out of a different category :))

Total left for the week? $165.00

We were supposed to go to DC tomorrow, but changed the date to Thursday as there will be War protesters all over the city. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but we'll have to see!


Canadian Saver said...

Oh definitely stay away from the war protesters!! That stuff would make me (little country girl) very nervous!

That sounds great about your spring break so far!!

Sharon said...

CS, Yes, my husband actually works in DC, so he knows that the traffic is a bear when this kind of stuff happens. We'll find something to do locally. :)