Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home, again.

Well, I'm home again with my daughter. She is old enough to be left alone, however, she is really sick I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her. I thought I might take the quiet time to read through my home insurance policy. I've been reading articles about how, especially in CA, people did not have enough coverage for rebuilding. They were about 20% short. We obtained our policy with Travelers about 5 years ago, so I think it's about time to recheck it.

Yesterday, was a NO SPEND Day!

So...3/29. Only two more to reach my very short goal. Still an accomplishment for me.


wealthy_1 said...

Congratulations on your No Spend Day! Love the new look. Most importantly, I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Canadian Saver said...

Congrats on the no-spend day :-)

Sounds like quite the project you have for today!!

Sharon said...

Thanks! She's actually feeling much better this evening.

CT Mom said...

HI - I was home yesterday too, took my older daughter to the dr. because she was experiencing shakiness and stomach problems. Turned out to be hypoglycemia, not diabetes as we feared - we have a diet action plan, she has snacks for school. It's manageable, just was a bit scary for a bit.

I'm glad your daughter is feeling better ... did you have a snow day today? We had ice and snow in CT today.

Sharon said...

CT Mom,
No, we did not have a snow day. Yesterday, wednesday, we had a two-hour delay for some icing. But we have had no snow days all year!
I hope your daughter is feeling better too!!