Friday, February 1, 2008

Daily Spending

Gas fill ups in both cars $80.00; Subway for lunch $5.32; Soda and snack at work: $2.25; Chinese Food for dinner: $40.00. (We had enough chinese food left over for lunch for the next two days, so does that justify it? :)


Jennifer said...

I like the idea of justifying the spending with leftovers! lol! Works for me - because we went out to dinner last night too, and we also have plenty of leftovers for the weekend!:)

Canadian Saver said...

Great cartoon!!

I hope you enjoyed your Chinese food... I haven't been in a while but I'm craving it. We always get more than enough for 1 if not 2 extra meals too... yum!

Sharon said...

The chinese food was good, and two of my kids had it for lunch today. There is still enough for one more lunch. Not bad!