Saturday, February 2, 2008

Daily Spending - Saturday

This morning I met a friend for coffee and a scone (of course!) $3.67; stopped to pick up drycleaning $22.35, went to TARGET to pick up gift cards for a birthday party my daughter is going to today (her friends are triplets), I picked up valentine heart candy for the kids, and a toothbrush and a new purse for me (on sale for $7.00) Total at Target - $71.00 (ugh). I went grocery shopping for tonight's meal of Italian Wedding Soup and crusty bread $23.00; oops, bought a magazine $3.00. I went to my son's bball game and spent $13.00 on a team picture. I'm in for the night now, so there will be no more spending....

Todays total: $136.02

Isn't it amazing how everything adds up so quickly???


RacerX said...

As long as it was either all planed for, or you had a bucket for these expences, no problem! If not concider adding them to your budget!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh invited to a party for triplets, that has to be expensive!!!

Great find on the purse!! $7 is a great buy!!

Sounds like you had a good day :-)

Kansas Simplicity said...

Thanks for visiting my blog this week and leaving a comment. I left a comment on my blog to answer your question at a high level about savings rate. Keep up the great work and I like your simplicity focus too in your other blog. Keep up the great work as small changes do make a big difference over time.