Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daily Spending - Saturday

Another spend day. It's important for me to document my spending here, before I forget what I spend. Looking over past posts allows me to see just how far I've come.

The big announcement? I have not purchased a coffee at Starbucks in 7 days!!! HUGE accomplishment. However, we did go get bagels AGAIN, two days in a row. My cleaning service had to come on Sat. a.m., so we needed to get out of the house.

We went to Mass this evening, then went out to dinner with friends.

Bagels: $17.00 (more expensive because we added a child)
Church Giving: $35.00
Dinner Out: $75.00 (Actually not bad for 5 people plus tip)
Cleaning Service: $150.00 (I changed back to the person I used to use, she charges more for her first time back)
So......grand total spending for Saturday: $277.00

Then I came home, collapsed in front of the TV to watch Suze Orman....fell asleep on couch after "Can you Afford It?"....


Canadian Saver said...

Great job on the no Starbucks for 7 days!!! Do you make it at home now?

Sounds like you had a great day :-) And coming back to a really clean house must have been awesome! (Til Ben messed it up again this morning!!).

Why did you decide to go back to the old cleaning lady?

Sharon said...

Canadian Saver,
The other cleaning service did not do a good job, they did a fair job. My daughter's room was still not dusted...:( So, I called the lady who use to clean for us and she had an opening. She can fit us in on Tuesdays now. I really trust her, and she did a FANTASTIC job. She's a bit more expensive and she will be using our cleaning supplies, but it is sooooo worth it!
And yes, it was really a nice day.

I've been making Starbucks at home...and it's been delicious! I just noticed BJ's (a wholesale club) now sells Starbucks for half the price! So there will be more savings!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh definitely go with the person you prefer, the little bit extra like you said will be worth it! It sounded like the other service was more of a bother than anything!