Friday, February 8, 2008

Daily "free for all" spending

Well, today I spent. I bought the kids breakfast "out" as we were out of milk and eggs. $15.59 I bought soup at work today because I had a very tight schedule for the afternoon and wouldn't be able to get lunch at home $4.27; signed kiddies up for soccer and baseball $261.00 (ugh); drove to JMU to pick up my daughter from school so she could spend the weekend with us Gas: $23.25; came home and went to Target and BJs for groceries and cleaning supplies: $90.00

Total for Friday: $394.11

Ended the day totally exhausted, but stayed in budget on my grocery cash...and I have $8.00 left!


wealthy_1 said...

Kids are so expensive! I'm only down to C2 now, but I know that track season is fast approaching. Here in our region we have to pay a registration fee for school sports. That's $50 for registration and you never know what kind of new warm up suit or gym bag or track shoes he's going to need.

I hope you were able to pay cash for your purchases!

RacerX said...

HEy! Under budget with a fun splurge! Great! Good job and keep it up!

Canadian Saver said...

Great job staying on budget!!

Geez it's expensive for the kids' activities, isn't it? The government here is letting parents claim all sports related activities to their taxes this year, which I think is a great thing!!

Enjoy having your daughter home this weekend :-)

Sharon said...

wealthy 1 - That amount was just for the spring season that lasts 8 weeks max. it's the only season that both my kids play does soccer in the fall and the other does basketball in the winter..AND I paid cash for everything!

racerx -
Yes, and I am starting to get the hang of cash for groceries. It is stopping unnecessary purchases!

Canadian Saver,
It is expensive for kid's activities, you want to give them opportunities, but music lessons, sports, etc. really add up. I just doled out $95.00 for my daughter's choir dress at college..but I wouldn't have it any other way!

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - congrats on staying on budget ... using cash is good discipline. As for kids' activities, as long as you can afford it, I agree that they need to be exposed to different things. When my girls went through their phases (dance, soccer, music) I'd try to minimize the investment until we were all sure that they had the commitment to continue. So far riding has been the only long term activity, but we've still limited our spending to lessons and gear - that still runs about $400 - $500 a month. We wouldn't pay that if they weren't committed.

Hmm, now that I see how much I'm spending monthly, maybe I should be committed :-)