Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Starbucks won today...

Oops. Stopped for coffee today. And then couldn't resist the blueberry scone. $3.67
Bought a soda at work. $1.35
Filled the gas tank. $45.00 (Put on gas card)
I guess this was a SPEND day. I used the cash from grocery/pizza/bagel $$. Hopefully $40.00 will be enough to get us until the 15th. I'm pretty well stocked in most things, and I'm sure I could live off my freezer and pantry for the whole month. But still, I could have taken 10 minutes to brew a pot of coffee and eat a bowl of cereal. I certainly could have grabbed a soda from the fridge and brought it with me. I did, however, bring my own lunch. There is always tomorrow for a No Spend Day!


Canadian Saver said...

We all have days when the temptation is just too much... I'm thankful I don't drive by a Starbucks every day... that would be a major leak!!