Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spending money on the weekend...

I'm usually good during the week about not spending frivolously. But when the weekend comes, all bets are off. It seems that I make a quick stop to the grocery store (without a list), the bagel store, lunch out after a ball game, (are you noticing a food pattern?). Or, if we venture out to Target, well, let's just say I don't always buy what I "need".

I was reading several articles that Trent wrote at The Simple Dollar on how to not spend money on the weekends. He calls them Money Free Weekends.

Here's a brief list of what he includes...

1. Call a family member or friend that you haven't spoken to in a while. (I guess this is only free if you have free long distance phone service)
2. Deep-clean the room in your house that you spend the most time in.
3. Try a basic meditation technique.
4. Read a "great" book.
5. Volunteer.
6. Clean up your community.
7. Write a handwritten letter to someone.
8. Exchange massages with your partner.
9. Take a child to a park and actually play with them.
10. Take a long, soaking bath.
11. Do somethingkine for someone else.
12. Donate some unwanted things to charity.
13. Take a long walk.
14. Do something that has been nagging at you.
15. Play board games or card games.
16. Have a "cupboard potluck". (Invite friends over for a potluck by only using the ingredients you have in your home)
17. Organize a walking tour. (Using historical areas in your town or city).
18. Play football/soccer.
19. Practice yoga.
20. Have a yard sale.
21. Check the community calendar for freebies.
22. Take some photographs.
23. Have a film festival (Invite friends over for several hours of movie watching, have each person bring one of their favorite movies and watch them all together).

There are more, but these are a good start.

There are plenty of things to do that really don't cost money. There are several on this list that my whole family would enjoy.

A new financial goal for 2008? Two "No Spend Weekends" a month. Starting with this weekend. Wish me luck.


Canadian Saver said...

These are all great ideas! I love how you set a goal of 2 no-spend weekends per month... that'll be 48 days this year, minimum!

Good luck :-)

Sharon said...

I'm already getting nervous about it. The dog food is low, there's only two rolls of toilet paper left, and I can probably think of a bunch of other things I will need.

wealthy_1 said...

I agree. I find that I can go from Monday to Friday and not spend a dime. Come Saturday, I feel like the money flood gates have opened up. If I don't sit down on Friday nights and figure out what I actually need to purchase ie groceries, I can mess up my whole budget in just one day.