Saturday, January 12, 2008


I absolutely LOVE this dog. We got Ben in June and he's been a wonderful addition to our family.
But, I must add, he's also been quite costly.
Purchase one male golden retriever: $600.00
Shots and vet visits $350.00
Neutering $225.00
Frontline and HeartWorm Pills $150.00 (6 mos worth)
Extra Fee at the lake to have him come with us $95.00
Dog Food (only the best!) $240.00 ($40.00 a month)
1 VERY LARGE Crate $125.00
Toys, treats, and misc. $150.00 (approximate)
His unconditional love and affection? PRICELESS!


Anonymous said...

He's got the red color I love, the floppy flews, the puppy dog eyes. Try not to think of the expense and think of the absolute joy he brings you!He's a doll!
Penny was kind of expensive this year. On top of the routine stuff she had an accident that required stitches/surgery in the summer and an ear infection that required a procedure/antibiotic ear flush this fall. Still, we LOVE her beyond crazy. Just like I know you love Ben!

Sharon said...

I have fallen madly in love with Ben. I've never had a boy dog, but they are great! So loving....I only mentioned the expense (kind of as a joke) because this is a financial blog....
He's like our Penny, but then he's different. He is handsome, and he's getting bigger every day! He's already over 70 lbs. and he is only 9 mos. Maybe Penny can come over and play with Ben?

Canadian Saver said...

I agree, absolutely gorgeous!!! I have a thing for black Labs myself, but I know that Goldens make great pets.

I'm jealous!!

JvW said...

He is simply adorable. I love goldens, my parents have one and he's just happy all the time. Without fail.