Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas, Bah Humbug

Well, it's Christmas and my husband and I went to the mall the other day. As I noticed the thin crowds (very empty for 6 days before Christmas), I also noticed sad, tired and defeated shoppers. I often wonder how all of this madness started. All this consumer shopping for one day of the year. So much emotion involved in the shopping. Is it the right gift, is it enough? Every year I overspend on Christmas. My heart takes over mostly for my children, and I make sure they have a wonderful Christmas. Wonderful should mean something more simplistic. Simple gifts, time to play games, time to bake and not because I have to. But instead, I run around shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking without any enjoyment whatsoever. My cc bill can attest to the bad mood that has overtaken me at this time of year. And, with a $6,000.00 cc bill, there is no money for charitable contributions. Something I always want to do, but end up short in December.

Is anyone else experiencing the stress of the Christmas holiday? Both financial and emotional?

I'm tired of being the Christmas fairy....this has to change....