Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Gratitude. More aware of what you have than what you don't. Recognizing the
treasure in the simple - a child's hug, fertile soil, a golden sunset. Relishing
in the comfort of the common -- a warm bed, a hot meal, a clean shirt. - Max
As Thanksgiving approaches, I have become more and more aware of what I am so very thankful for. My health, my family...and my life. I believe if you have a grateful heart, you will be able to enjoy your life to it's fullest.
This year has been a good year for us, even with the economic crisis going on, we were able to pay off all of our consumer debt. (And it was a LARGE amount!) We will be going into 2009 with no credit card debt (as I'm paying for Christmas with CASH).
I'm grateful for all of you, who have helped me stay on track. Your comments have meant a lot to me, especially keeping me honest.
What are you grateful/thankful for this year?


natedavidscott said...

Like you, I have tons to be grateful for! We paid off all our debt this year, we have savings started, we are able to give!
Ok, and I'm thankful for the 16 month old who has been whining since 4:30 a.m. to get up and play. :P

Anonymous said...

yay! no debt and all cash. a wonderful place to be. :)