Monday, October 20, 2008

This weekend...

Aside from losing my guinea pig, I did have a relaxing weekend. I baked pumpkin pie, decluttered the house, and installed (well my husband did the actual installing) new light fixtures inside and outside. They look great! It was an inexpensive upgrade, but it made all the difference in the world to the look and feel of our home.

I also had a pot of hot apple cider and sticks of cinnamon brewing on the stovetop all weekend long, which made the house feel warm and cozy. I really do LOVE this season.
It's amazing how a simple thing like brewing cider would make on my mood. It felt relaxing. And that was a welcome relief from the all of the doom and gloom in the market.
I still have not had a NO SPEND day, I guess I haven't focused on it yet. Um, I have 10 days left?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon

So sorry to hear about your guinea pig dying. The photo of her on your previous post looks very cute.

How old was she?

Apart from that it is good to read something from you again!

I'm glad you're enjoying the new season. Here in South Africa it is the other way round - spring is in the air!! I'm looking forward to a long hot summer. :)

Take care & good luck with the no spend days!!


Sharon said...

Thank you so always it's great to hear from you. Gracie was 6. Guinea Pigs can live to be 7 or 8.
I've been trying to avoid thinking about finances for a bit, so I haven't been posting. But now that we are headed for the most expensive season of the year, I will be sure to post to keep myself on track!
Happy Spring to you!!!!

RTC said...

I like the new clean look. Change is good, right? I'm glad you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Canadian Saver said...

I agree, smells can be very comforting. I should try this soon too!

jpkittie said...

sorry to hear of the guinea pig - but happy to hear of the mood being better.

you will get your no spend days - there is still time!