Thursday, September 11, 2008

The streak is over....

for now!

I had today off, so I took my son out for breakfast, had tea with a good friend, bought bread and milk, took daughter out for ice cream after damage? Oh, about $24.00. Not too, too bad and I have about $10.00 left in the checkbook before I get paid tomorrow. My husband doesn't get paid until Monday, so I will try to have another NO SPEND day before then.

Being accountable to all of you is making this easier. THANK YOU! ;)


Francois Viljoen said...

Sounds like you had a good time Sharon! :)

I think you appreciate little things (like tea with a friend) much more the way you're doing it now.

Have you thought of not only having "no-spend" days, but also having "spoil-me" days?

E.g. have two to four days per month that you budget for (say $25 each). On that day do something nice, like you did here.

This way you'll have something to look forward to as a reward for all the other days you worked so hard to save money!

Canadian Saver said...

Sounds like a good bit of socializing, so to me the price is worth it :-) Your kids must appreciate the one-on-one time!

jpkittie said...

that is fantastic! Congrats on the no spending ~ it is tougher then most people think!

Anonymous said...

We've about totaly cut down on restaurants, but I treat my daughter once in a while and we enjoy the quality time we spend together

Anonymous said...

not too bad at all!