Monday, September 29, 2008

The heartaches of love....

I spent this past weekend with my oldest daughter. She met a man (yes, when you are 25, it's a man) in June and they had been dating until.......Friday. He's decided that he "can't give her the time that she deserves" and "needs to end it....for now". What a crock of crap. Just be honest and say you don't want to date anymore. So, I went and stayed with her so she wouldn't have to be alone. She is student teaching about an hour from home. It's definitely more serious when you are out of college and dating....and I was not prepared (as a MOM) to feel just as bad as she did. When your child is in pain (no matter how old) so are you.
So now I've been thinking. I have THREE daughters...all of which will go through this, probably not once but many times. How am I going to fare through all of this???? Good grief.

As for my son? Ah, well, I have that all figured out. He will become a priest...that way I don't have to worry about another woman...(I'm kidding, of course....silly!)


Elizabeth said...

Heartache is such an awful feeling. Bless you for being such a great mom and sitting with her to cheer her up!

CT Mom said...

What a wonderful mom you are ... I know what you mean - when either of my daughters look at me with those brown eyes filled with pain, my heart literally hurts.


letters to elijah said...

Nothing is worse then seeing your child in pain.

Anonymous said...

ha ha re the priesthood, perhaps daughters could be nuns?

I know in the old days 1 son and 1 daughter had to go marry God in any good Irish Catholic family! Perhaps to save their mothers?

Anonymous said...

haha @ notes! i was going to ask the same thing. :)

it's great that you can be there for your daughter. has anyone else noticed that men under 35 are becoming increasingly committment-phobic?

Grace. said...

Ah Sharon--your son would probably become an EPISCOPAL priest, and would still know the heartache of relationship issues!

I think it speaks volumes about the relationship you have with your daughter that she would want you around when she's feeling down, and that you would pack up and go to her. You are both lucky.

BTW, as the mother of five daughters, three of whom are still unmarried, I will tell you to never worry too much about the losers they bring home or get too attached to the handsome doctors they date--if you girls are like mine, none of those relationships last long enough to warrant my involvement!

So much for the dream that any of my kids will support me in style in my dotage!