Saturday, July 26, 2008


Thank you all for cheering me on with the next 6 doesn't help that my children invited their friends over for dinner last friend slept over. I apparently approved of this (before I knew I had $27.00 for the next 6 days). That made 10 of us for dinner. I made homemade bread, pizza and calzones. Luckily, I had the cheese, sauce and pepporoni in the house. I did have to go out and get flour, yeast, milk, and butter. I was so careful for each purchase. I changed yeast brands because one was $1.00 less than the one I usually buy. I studied the prices of flour and the brands (and saved $2.00 in the process). I bought rootbeer and ice cream for floats....(should I have spent the $6.00??? They were absolutely delicious for the hot summer night it was, so .....)

As I sit here, I now have $2.00 left in my wallet. My freezer has a bunch of "mystery" meat in it. (I can't tell from the packaging what it is and I didn't label..:() So, I took out three packages of "whatever" and that is what we will be eating for the next three nights. I have bread, peanut butter and cheese for lunches. I have plenty of pasta, eggs, cereal and family will not starve.

This will be a very "relaxing" weekend as we do not have $$ for home maintenance projects that we could be doing...i.e. paint, mulch, gardening...

It's becoming clear how I got into so much debt in the past. I'm sure I've been in this position many months, but I always used my cc's to buy when it was convenient for me, and not when I had the money. It's hard learning new tricks as an "old dog", but I know this is what I should have been doing all along.

Things I would have "charged" this week if I were still using cc's.:

Paint and supplies
Flowers and plants for the deck and front lawn
Extra food I didn't need
Restaurant meals
Trip to waterpark
Clothing (for me, because I felt like it)
and a trip to Target, because what is a weekend without a trip to Target???

Good grief.

So this is going to be a NO SPEND weekend by default.

Monopoly anybody?


CT Mom said...

Good for you, Sharon - you're doing great and making the most of what you have. I have 5 days to go until payday, too - other than a quick trip to get more milk and some bananas, I'm not buying any more food until payday. We have enough in the freezer and pantry to last us, too.

Hang in there!

Canadian Saver said...

Love your attitude! You're going to do this :-) You'll get super creative and share your ideas with us... can't wait!

Grace. said...

Arrgh! I hate those "default" days, particularly when they fall on week-ends. When they make me god (don't hold your breath) I will outlaw mid-week paydays! For whatever reason, the money is always gone by the previous Friday! But you're doing great, so congratulations.