Friday, June 20, 2008

Home improvements....con't.

I am going absolutely CRAZY with my cooktop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We know we have to replace it, but everytime we have that discussion, we say: If we are going to replace it, we might as well get new countertops....then a backsplash...then a new sink, then a new refridgerator to match.....ugh. Usually this extends all the way to a brand new kitchen with bump outs, etc.

Well, because we already decided that we will have to hold off on a new kitchen remodel, we will have to just get the cooktop. Unfortunately, it will have to be an "interim" one, because I want to eventually change out the whole kitchen island and put a full-size stove in the kitchen instead of on the island.

We still have not mulched, or prepared a garden. I'm so jealous of Canadian Saver's BEAUTIFUL garden that is already sprouting beautiful results. We have done nothing...outside or inside.

So, we will start this week-end. We'll start with weeding, but we cannot do the mulch, as it needs to be ordered and we need to have time to put it down. We are going to Boston next Friday, and we are working Mon-Thurs. so that won't happen.

We also are moving our youngest daughter into her sister's room since she is moving out in August. (She is going for student teaching, then wants to get a job permanently in that area).

We are getting my daughter a new bed (with all the fixins - mattress pad, pillows, sheets, comfortor) and a new frame with headboard and footboard. Plus we will need to paint the room.
I'll take some before and after pictures...but either way this will not be an inexpensive proposition....we are getting a full bed with pillow top and I believe these are in the 600-1000 range. And that doesn't include a headboard or footboard.

We will just have to figure out what we will pay for first...the cooktop or the bed?



Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

That's how my kitchen remodel got pushed back 10 years! It's almost finished now--new fridge, range, dishwasher, floors refinished, countertops, backsplash (still to be done), paint...<$4,000 all together.

Try Craigs'List for an interim cooktop. We got our range and dishwasher for $100 and $125 respectively and they're great. They were changed out by the previous owners who were going trendy with the stainless steel.

Sharon said...

Clean Simple,
I never thought of Craigs' List. I will look on it. Right now we are just "frozen" paying for the everyday stuff and trying to put money away in savings...That might just be our interim solution!

Canadian Saver said...

Sharon, thanks for linking to my garden pics :-) I'll have to update regularly!

I say a good bed is worth the investment. I got mine when a store was going out of business... too bad for them but it was the best purchase I've ever made... it's given me comfortable sleep for many years and many many more to come.

Good luck with the cooktop!