Sunday, May 11, 2008


Now that I had a good night's sleep and warmed up from the cold, damp "outdoor" graduation, I

have some time to contemplate what actually happened! MY BABY GIRL GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!!! Wow. How did 22 years go by so quickly??? She is on her way to Louisiana today for a work camp through the Catholic Christian Ministries, and then she will be home for the summer, then return to school to student teach to receive her teaching certificate....she would like to live and work in the town she went to school in....and hopes to get a job as a high school history teacher...I am VERY proud!


Canadian Saver said...

Teaching is a great career :-) Congratulations again, Katie!!

CT Mom said...

Congratulations to all of you!

Grace. said...

Always nice to have a college grad in the family. Congratulations.

K_Yew said...

Congrats! Education in general in California is not doing very well, but the colleges are great.