Wednesday, April 9, 2008

UPS - Budget Buster?

Wow. I was so good and spent less than I budgeted for my sister's birthday present. I managed to get everything wrapped and ready to go this morning, and stopped at the UPS store to send it. One of the gifts I got her was a wrought iron clock (only $20.00 at Michaels). It was a little on the bulky side (meaning long), and I knew that I would have to spend extra on the shipping. When the guy at the UPS store tallied it up, he said it was going to cost $52.00 to ship. Uh, what? Granted I wanted them to do the packaging, and I knew I would have to spend a bit more for that, but $52????? I asked him how much the packaging cost...$26.00. Well, then how much to ship GROUND? He said $26.00. What? I told him that the post office could probably ship (6lbs) for a lot less. He said that they probably wouldn't be able to ship it at all. What???? At that point, I grabbed my packages and said, no thank you, and left the store. I will package this up at home and go to the post office. My sister will get her present a day late, but I know she wouldn't have wanted me to spend $52 on shipping.


Canadian Saver said...

It probably would have been cheaper to drive it there yourself! Yikes, $26 to package and $26 to ship?!

I'm curious to see how much it cost by USPS.

mm2kchmw said...

My MIL sends by bus (greyhound) and it's so expensive. I don't know what it would be by mail. She was sending by UPS but it was more expensive I think.