Monday, April 7, 2008

7 Random Things about Me..

I've been tagged by Jennifer at Finding Finanical Peace to list 7 random/weird facts about me. (Glad it's only 7!) So here goes:

1. I absolutely LOVE chocolate. I usually have to have a piece of chocolate every day. My favorite? The chocolate kiss... I also absolutely LOVE Coke. I have to cut back on that, but I used to have that every day too.

2. I played softball as a kid, and ended up playing on my high school and college team as a catcher. (Of course that was before they started keeping track of the speed of pitcher!)

3. I played flute since 4th grade and switched to Oboe in 11th grade because I wanted to be "first chair". I was always second chair in flute because the person who was first was milleniums ahead of me in talent...

4. I was voted Class Singer in my high school superlatives. I sang in my high school choir and college choir as an Alto. I continued this with my church until I developed acid reflux disease which caused some damage to my esophagus. I can no longer sing. :(

5. I have been married twice. I was 22 the first time (way too young), and 33 the second time. The second one stuck. :) I had two daughters from my first marriage and I have a daughter and son with my second husband. All children look like their Dads respectively.

6. I'm a HUGE John Denver fan. I was devastated the day he died, but I still listen to his music often.

7. I hate clutter. I have to get rid of the Sunday paper right after we read it because it creates too much "clutter". I'm much happier in a clear space, with very little "stuff" around.

I tag:

Canadian Saver at Saving-4-Later

Sara at Speaking of Simplicity

CT Mom at CT Mom's Family Financials

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Canadian Saver said...

I always find these very interesting :-) I've put mine on my blog, thanks :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - our similarities continue!
- Also love chocolate
- Played softball, but was not very good
- I was a vocal soloist in high school; my best friend was main photographer so I'm shown singing in front of the choir in our yearbook. I'm so sorry you can no longer sing - it is one of the biggest joys in my life.
- Also married twice - 1st time at 22 (!) 2nd time at 32. No kids first time; 2 lovely girls the second.
- Hubby is the John Denver fan. Girls like his Christmas album.
- I hate clutter too!

I posted mine this morning - come on over and take a look ...