Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Simple" Goals for the week...

I absolutely LOVE the blog site My Simpler Life. If you are needing some help in simplifying your life, this is the site to go to...for some quick, easy ideas and definitely doable ...

Here are some:

1. Turn on soothing music this evening in the house.
2. Buy a reusable water bottle and filter your water at home. Disposable water bottles are loading up the landfills.
3. Remove one bag of clutter.
4. Is your debt repayment on track?
5. Follow through when you give someone a task. Don’t take the task back.
6. Gather the kids’ outgrown clothes.
7. Plan a garden or purchase a houseplant.

I think I'll try a few of these!


Canadian Saver said...

These are great tips.. I enjoy that website too!

Maggie said...

I actually need to do everything on that list! DH just requested a few good bottle for his lunchbox and I want to container garden this year.

RacerX said...

You continue to do so well Sharon! Congrats!