Monday, March 24, 2008


Thanks to ASGreen at Always the Planner, and Canadian Saver at Saving-4-Later I've constructed some sidebars. I'm not sure why the full $552.00 is not showing up on the Heloc Repayment bar. I'll have to keep working on it. I needed something to keep me motivated. Hopefully this will help!

Ultimately, my goal for emergency savings is $30,000. And I need to pay off $39438.00 on my Heloc. My husband and I are looking into refinancing our mortgage and Heloc into a 15 year fixed. That will save us about 9 years of house payments. We will end up having to pay about $250.00 more a month, but we feel this is worth it. We are waiting for the interest rates to go below 5%. Hopefully, this will actually happen, without too many fees. If not, we will amortize our present loan ourselves and pay it down in 15 years. I would LOVE to be mortgage debt free. Seems like a dream...but I know a lot of people have done it.


Canadian Saver said...

Sharon, your sidebars look great!!

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - the sidebars look good!

Hubby and I refinanced to a 15 year and also did a 10 year HEL for our renovations. The house will be paid off 10 years sooner than originally planned when we bought in 1997. It's a great feeling!

Sharon said...

CS (R) :),
Thanks so much for your help! I have to keep playing with them, I think, so they work properly!

CT Mom,
I so want my mortgage to have an end in sight! Right now, we have 24 years eternity! :)

Canadian Saver said...

My parents paid off this house in a couple years back in the early 70s, that was when you could get a 5 bedroom house for $15,000 though!!! Anything under a couple decades this day in time is a miracle!!

The 24 years will be here sooner than you think :-)

asgreen said...

Thanks for the shotout, and I love the pink!