Thursday, March 13, 2008

Political conversation anyone?

Go Jason!

My husband has watched me blog for almost 3 mos. now. (He bought me this computer so that I wouldn't have to fight my kids for the one home computer that we had!) He decided that he would like to take a stab at this blogging thing...but his interests are in politics. He started the blog because I seem to "tune" him out when he wants to talk about the upcoming election or some other political news story. Truth be told, he is a republican, I am an independent with a slant towards conservatism. We agree on a lot of things, except that there are "parties" to begin with. I don't believe there should be any. I believe politicians should run strictly on their merits. Simplistic? Yes. But I'm not that naive to believe that will ever happen. If you have a desire to chat politics, he can be found at PoliticalJoe. Stop by and say hello! I think he would enjoy it!


Canadian Saver said...

Sharon, I'm like you, politics just aren't my thing. It's cool that both of you can blog about things that interest you though :-)