Saturday, March 15, 2008


I obtained an American Express Blue card when I was transferring a small of money to a lower interest rate. In early February, I called Amex to get a "pay off" amount, and the date it was good until. I spoke to a customer service rep, she gave me the amount and I set up my bill pay to make sure the payment reached Amex 5 days earlier than necessary. After the payment went through I called Amex to make sure there was a zero balance. The automation system told me there was indeed a zero balance. Guess what I got in the mail? An Amex bill in the amount of $3.15. What??? So I called. The customer service rep was nice enough, and said he would take the charge off but then said "let me explain how we came up with this...back in January you didn't pay off your credit card balance, so there was some interest accruing..." Um, what?????? I told him I spoke to someone who gave me a pay-off figure and that was after January. I told him not so politely that it was completely unethical to just put fees on a bill and hope that the customer doesn't notice. He had nothing to say.

Now I'm dealing with Citibank for a similar charge...

Tonight, I shall have a credit card cutting party..... and end this lunacy.


Canadian Saver said...

That'll be a fun party!! Glad you called and told them you didn't think it was ethical. Not that the person on the other end of the line is responsible, but it musta been nice to get it off your chest!!

SavingDiva said...

Ugh! Sounds horrible! I hate unnecessary credit card charges!