Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cash Failure...

I went grocery shopping yesterday armed with a list, a fist full of coupons, and $190.00 in cash. I went to a higher end grocery store so I could purchase some organic meats. The store I usually shop at (Shoppers) doesn't carry organic meat or double coupons, so I thought I was okay. At the checkout, the bill came to $236.00, and after store specials and my coupons, the bill came to $211.00. Ugh. I handed over the $190.00 in cash, and my debit card. I was over my grocery budget limit...and instead of putting some stuff back, I used my debit card. There was money in my checking account, but how come I couldn't stick to my budget? Perhaps it was the starbucks coffee, or the bottle of Chardonnay I bought for Easter dinner, but I thought $190.00 was more than enough for a weeks' worth of groceries. By the way, when did eggs double in price?? Food prices have risen significantly, so I'll have to reconsider my menus. In the meantime, I'll have to bring a calculator.


Canadian Saver said...

Well you had the money for it in the account, so I wouldn't call it a total failure... costs have risen and are going to get even higher as the price of diesel is ridiculously high... If you feel good feeding your family organic meats, then I say it is worth it :-)

And I bet you can cut back a little next week since you went over ?

What did you decide to cook for the Easter meal?

Maggie said...

I budget $100 a week for a family of 6 and that used to enough to include pop and a few splurge items but its not cutting it lately.I'm going to have to give up some of the extras. Sigh. Eggs, milk,meat, less pop deals, etc. are eating away at my budget.

Anonymous said...

The difference in price may be because its a higher end grocery store. I know there is even differences between a couple of our major big chain grocery stores here. Just a thought!

Hope your Easter weekend is going well!

Sharon said...

Yes, I did have the money, but I guess I was stunned that everything had cost so much. I'll get paid again next week, so I will budget $150.00 for the week.
Easter dinner is Italian, of course. It will be stuffed artichokes and pasta. No one likes the traditional lamb, so we will not have it.

$100 for six is amazing. Everything has gone up. When I saw the price of eggs, I was quite surprised. I paid 3.39 for 18 eggs, when I used to get them at BJ's for $1.18. Ugh.

I will switch back to Shoppers next week and see the difference. I'm sure there will be one.

CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - don't beat yourself up too much. An occasional treat - Starbucks coffee at ~$8/lb vs. a $4 a day latte habit is not a bad thing. And you're going to make up for the excess next week, so you'll be ok.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter feast - we had ham from BJ's - $14 for 7 lb ham vs. over $50 for a Honeybaked ham. It was delicious! And we have leftovers. Score!

I'm Grace. said...

Lamb is traditional? I thought ham is the traditional Easter meat. It's a good thing my kids like it because we are going to be eating it all week! That and deviled eggs! BTW, what happened to the traditional "eggs on sale the week before Easter?" Certainly did not happen this year.

Sharon said...

CT Mom,
Sounds delicious! We ended up having brunch at a friends house that included ham and all the fixings, so dinner was pasta.

Lamb was traditional in our Italian home growing up, had to do with Jesus' sacrifice (paschal lamb). I do not like lamb, so we usually have ham or pork, but my friend had us over for brunch that waw ham, so I just did pasta :) And yes, I looked for the eggs on sale...there were none to be found!

wealthy_1 said...

Not bad. You were only off by
$21. I think it takes practice to stay within the grocery budget.

Look how far you've come!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Do you live in an area where Costco carries coffee? My local one has an in-store roaster and yum, the coffee is good and super cheap (2.5 lbs for 7.99)