Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's in your wallet?

Canadian Saver tagged me for this meme...(I actually copied everything in my wallet, in case it gets "lost" or "stolen".)

So here goes:
1. Cash - $20.00 bill, $1.00 bill
2. 2 Debit Cards from two different banks
3. Citibank Credit Card (which I will take out because I'm no longer using it!!)
4. Kohls Credit Card
5. Macy's Credit Card
6. Library Card
7. Texaco/Shell Credit Card
8. Security Card to get into my office building
9. Medical cards for me and two of the kids
10. Medical prepay credit card for medical expenses
11. check book
12. ATM receipts (in cash section)
13. Gift Cards for Macys, Starbucks, J.C. Penny and Borders
14. Lots of change
15. Drivers license

Pretty exciting, huh? I try and clean it out every now and again. After doing this exercise, I thought about putting away some of the department store cards, but I do use them because the stores only give discounts with the cards. I do pay them off in full.

I'm tagging....No More Debt