Monday, February 18, 2008

The season of the flu..

I spent all day yesterday driving to and from my daughter's college to bring her home. She has the flu. She went to the doctor this morning, had a chest x-ray, and bloodwork done. She has no doctor at college and the emergency room at the local hospital is a disaster. So, I decided to pick her up and make an appointment at home. Thank God for health insurance. I only had to pay a $20.00 co-pay

Every weekend in February, so far, either I or one of my children were sick. Today it is 60 degrees, by Thursday, it will be 38 degrees. Is there a connection between illness and the change of weather?

I did a large grocery shop today for two weeks. I spent all $325.00 of my food budget. But, I tried Whole Foods for my meat purchases. Since I value our health, the extra money I spent on organic meats, I hope will pay off in the long run. The $325.00 is for two weeks of breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4. What do you spend? Is that about right?


CT Mom said...

Hi Sharon - I hope your food shopping included chicken soup for your daughter! I am also very thankful for health insurance - my daughter's visit last week cost $20 copay, and I overheard that the office actually charges $80 for a regular office visit, $120 for an extended visit which is what we did.

We spend about $600/month for food for 4, which is about what you're spending. That's if my husband doesn't go near a grocery store! The last time he went, he spent $150 on not a lot, and he even said afterwards, "it's probably not a good idea for me to go to the store." No kidding :-P

I hope your daughter feels better soon!

Canadian Saver said...

I hope your daughter feels better... yeah the drastic changes in temperature will affect our systems. It's unreal sometimes how it can vary even day-to-day.

What types of meat does your family eat? Do you find the price to be a lot more for organic vs non-organic?

I can't compare my grocery budget to yours as there's only 2 of us... and I get a lot of my beef, my potatoes and a lot of veggies from my relatives for free. And apples too I guess :-)

I agree that you have to do what you think is best for your family, and sometimes that costs more...

Sharon said...

Ct Mom,
Chicken soup was the first thing I made for her :). I think my food budget was higher because of the organic meats. My husband was like a deer in headlights when he went grocery shopping with me...good to have along, but clueless when it comes to shopping.

CS -

I bought chicken cutlets, whole chicken breasts, ground beef, beef roast and spare ribs. The organic is about 40% more expensive, so instead of paying $45.00 for the meet, I paid close to $70.00. I could blow the extra $30.00 on one night of pizza, so I think it is worth it.

P.S. Katie is feeling MUCH better. She'll be going back to school later this evening!

Canadian Saver said...

Glad to hear your DD is better!!

Those prices make sense yeah... I wish we had stores like Trader Joe or Whole Foods up here... we had an organic store for about 6 months and it went out of business... you can get some organic produce and packaged goods (cereals, sauces, etc) at the grocery chain, but for meat you have to go directly to a grower.

You should share how you make your spare ribs :-) Those are so yummy!