Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daily Spending - Updated

I haven't posted in a couple of days about my spending....well, guess what? There has been very little spending, as a matter of fact, only $1.25 for a soda at work - - for two days! This must be a record for me, besides the No Spend Weekend.
By the way, what happened to the no spend weekends? I've decided that it is nearly impossible. The weekends are when I grocery shop and get things done, i.e. car maintenance, lawn maintenance, etc. I like what Canadian Saver does instead. Choose to not spend money on a certain number of days during the month. I will start off really slow, and February's goals will be 5 no spend days.

So, I believe I'm at 1/29. I can do this!


Canadian Saver said...

Sharon, I started about 3 years ago and my goals were lower then. I got better at figuring out what works best for me. It all depends on our shopping styles. And just because I don't spend every day doesn't mean I spend less... I could easily spend $200/day 15 days per month or I could spend $2/day 31 days/month. Thankfully I can control both the days and the spending LOL!

Sharon said...

I'm used to spending everyday, so this has been a real eye opener for me..and I enjoy keeping track!