Friday, January 18, 2008

What I'll do for my NO SPEND weekend

Read some more...
Write a letter to an old friend
Watch a movie (I have The Nanny Diaries. I hope its good!)
Play a board game with the kids
Work on science fair projects with kids
Take the dog for lots of walks
Take pictures of the beautiful snow before it melts
Go to church
Read some more
Vacuum the floors
Take a long bubble bath...
Watch The Suzie Orman Show
Read my blogs
Write in my journal
Make up the rest of January's dinner menus

It should be a good weekend...


Canadian Saver said...

Love your list!!

I'm planning a lazy Saturday too... I tell myself I have spent so much money in the past that I have more than enough on hand to not go out and spend now... and it usually works!

Enjoy :-)