Monday, January 28, 2008

Just another Monday...

I had the cleaning service today. The house smells fresh and clean! The kids are home from school and my hubby decided to stay home too. Since we were ALL home, we needed to get out of the house so the cleaning crew could do their thing. We went for bagels (didn't go yesterday, so felt justified), went to the bank, and then headed home. They were done with the upstairs, so we hung out up there. My son had not been feeling well so I had my husband take him to the doctors to get checked out. Then I had just the best time (not) at the dentist's office. I got to sit in the chair for two hours listening to a drill make a huge hole in my tooth (I needed a crown). Then I got to pay $622.00 at checkout time for the experience! It's a good thing we have a health care reimbursement account (pretax) at work.

So...........spending for today?

Cleaners $100.00 (Worth every penny, especially when already budgeted for!)
Coffee $1.63
Bagels $16.10
Haircuts for the boys $25.00
Hubby and son for lunch after blood taken at doctors: $11.10
Wonderful experience at the dentist: $622.00 (Paid with a VISA healthcare card)

Total: $775.83 Out of pocket for the day: $53.83

Tonight we will relax, and I will take a nice, long, hot bath in my very clean tub....:)


Canadian Saver said...

Yikes, that's a big bill at the dentist! Thank goodness you get most of it reimbursed!

Your house must smell sooo nice! I'm jealous :-) Enjoy your bath!!