Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yes! The longest month of the year and I still have money in my checkbook! Well, my husband and I both got paid today, but I had $$$$ in the account on payday before the checks went in! This is nothing short of miraculus for us. We always seem to "borrow" money from future earnings to pay for present stuff. But we stayed in the black this month, and I'm thrilled!

Spending for today:

Groceries: 79.00
Valentines for kids: 7.50
Pet Supplies: 9.00

I took out $350.00 in cash to cover two weeks of groceries. I've never paid with just cash before, so I'll have to see how this goes. It's a scary feeling as the money starts to dwindle. It doesn't seem so painful when it is in the checkbook. Why is letting go of the green stuff so much harder? Tomorrow starts a new month, hopefully it will be black too!


Canadian Saver said...

Good luck shopping with cash!! I still use my credit card, pay it off every month, but I still feel better when I use it (as opposed to freaking out at the register when I spent more than the cash I have on me!!).

And great job having $$ left over at the end of the month :-)

Do you get paid every 2 weeks? I do, but much prefered every week...

Sharon said...

I get paid twice a month which makes January VERY l o n g. Spending cash yesterday for the groceries was excruciating! It just seemed like it was being spent "faster".